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Hey guys,

My belt snapped on the way to work last night. I have a new belt and tensioner on the way, but I didn't realize my truck was equipped with dual alternators and the belt I have coming is for a single alternator. I called all local shops and the dealership and theyd all have to special order the belt.

Is it okay to just bypass the second alternator all together? I dont have anything that draws a significant amount of power installed.



1 3D673 Power steering pump pulley
2 19A216 Accessory drive belt idler pulleys
3 8A528 Water pump pulley
4 6B209 Accessory drive belt tensioner (A/C compressor drive belt)
5 6312 Crankshaft pulley
6 8620 Accessory drive belt (A/C compressor)
7 19D784 A/C clutch pulley
8 6B209 Accessory drive belt tensioner
9 10344 Generator pulley (single generator)
10 10344 Generator pulley (dual generator, if equipped)
11 8620 Accessory drive belt (dual generator)
12 8620 Accessory drive belt (single generator)

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Yeah, you can, but you'll proll'y get a CEL. The second alternator is controlled by the computer. If you bypass it, the computer will know and not be happy.
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