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Can VSS/ABS sensor cause overhead display to bug out?

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I have been having those symptoms of the a bad VSS or rear ABS sensor: flashing overdrive light, ABS light on and off, and just today, it affected the speedometer. But I also had my overhead readout die recently and didn't think of the possiblity that its failure could be related. Does anyone know if this is the case?

Also, does taking the VSS out and cleaning it off ever help for a while or am I just going to need to get a replacement?

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I replaced the abs sensor with one from Checker made by Raybestos (their part number 530780). It was $11.99. When I took my old one out it had lots of metal filings. I cleaned out the hole a little and put it back in at which point it attracted more metal. I did this a couple of times and then the o-ring, which was loose anyway, got torn. I was going to try to reuse the old one but switched to the new one at this point. I'm thinking maybe the old one just needed cleaning off because when I compared the power of the magnets, the new one wasn't any stronger than the old one. I won't know the answer to that question until the new one fails, which hopefully won't happen for 7 more years.

Anyway, my problem with the abs light and flashing o/d light and occassional speedometer misreads is now fixed.

It's just amazing how much this site has saved me. I went to a Ford dealer who wanted 51.77 for the sensor. Then they would have charged me something over 100 for reading the abs codes. Who knows what else they would have found to add on? The 51.54 number is exactly double 25.77, the actual list price. Powerstrokeshop only charges 18.65, which is where I would have gotten it had I had my act together earlier. I don't know how ford dealers actually stay in business when customers find that they overcharge to such a substantial degree.

The computer display still doesn't work. Must be a separate problem. I'll see if my resistors are loose. Thanks for the link. Another project which will save me money. Got to love it!

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