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Can VSS/ABS sensor cause overhead display to bug out?

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I have been having those symptoms of the a bad VSS or rear ABS sensor: flashing overdrive light, ABS light on and off, and just today, it affected the speedometer. But I also had my overhead readout die recently and didn't think of the possiblity that its failure could be related. Does anyone know if this is the case?

Also, does taking the VSS out and cleaning it off ever help for a while or am I just going to need to get a replacement?

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Mine was dead when I bought it. I asked around and found this. It works great! took about half an hour start to finish to complete. Just grab the back of the computer housing where the little storage hole is, and pull firmly, it is held in with little spring clips. Also, check the other "problem" resistors. I had one that had fallen off completely and was laying in the bottom of the housing, and another haning on by one end. Like he says real hot solder iron for a short amount of time to keep from frying stuff.

Good luck.
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