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Cannot to save my life get the icp sensor out. help

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i am about to kill the truck i am so frustrated. i went through the top of the engine to get to the icp.

the only way i can get the crow foot around the sensor is with a breaker bar (no extension) and then i can't get any leverage to break it loose.

from what i have seen says to use an extension and a ujoint but it's so clumsy i can't get the crow foot around the sensor. i've tried going up from the bottom but with my back the way it is and the lift on the truck my arms just aren't long enough.

what am i doing wrong here. how should the wrench be set up? there is just nothing on this topic that is clear and consise and it drives me crazy. all the write ups i have seen are worthless without demonstration of what to do.

i am tempted to pull out the turbo and then i would probably be done but i would rather not
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I had the same problem with the turbo inlet, I don't know how long the turbo was sucking unfiltered air but I wound up having to replace it because the bearings went out and the turbine wheel finally dug into the housing and stalled, no boost.
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