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Hello all,
I'm new to the site as well as new to the diesel world. My brother gave me his 1993 250 7.3 4X4 with only 157,000 on it. It is pretty awesome, however it wasn't taken are of very well (maintenance wise, not bogging, etc) and was sitting the last couple years running only very little. I've used your site to get many, many pointers on how to do stuff. I'm grateful for the site.
I'm an airplane mechanic so not totally useless around tools:laugh2:
So...... Here is my issue. I had the common leaking injection pump, stalling after letting off.
I bought a reman pump from O'reilly's put it on this weekend, didn't remove the gear housing!:thumbsup:, yet after start up ( ran ok, not awesome) but slowly declined over the following 24 hours. It runs really rough at idle, no air intrusions (first thought).
Could I have gotten a bad pump? I timed it statically, but after it started running poorly I advance and retarded it to see if it would help, no difference.
FYI, New lift pump 2 months ago, and fuel filter, and return lines/caps.
Thank you all,
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