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Carpet Replacement???

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I need to replace the carpet in my 05 crewcab (don't ask).

Besides Ford are there any other sources?

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Only if you want to go with a cheap imitation. You wont find one that matches the factory interior. No matter what any of them claim. The dealer will run between $400 to $500. I searched for over a year for mine. I might have the phone number to the place where I got mine. Ill have to look. They dismantle test vehicles. I got a great deal on a perfect factory carpet. They would be worth a shot atleast.

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I DO NOT want a cheap imitation, I want factory quality WITHOUT paying factory prices. I was hoping to figure out who provides Ford with their carpet and go direct. I'm willing to buy used if it's a take-out. I know about The folks, have ordered a few items and may just give up and buy new from them.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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