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Challenging no start gremlin

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I own a 2008 f-250 with 147k miles. Its the workhorse on my construction company. A few weeks ago it started this problem... It would not turn over or try cranking over. I assumed it was starter or starter solenoid so I replaced those, while I was at it I replaced batteries. The truck started and ran great before showing same symptom 3 days later. I replaced ignition switch and still no good. the truck started on its own the next morning and we drove it for a few days without issues. while driving a mile from home truck just stalls out ,this time it would crank but not start. eventually after a few minutes it went back to not even cranking, there was sufficient battery left. Just before towing home I tried it again it boom! starts right up. Showing no codes, I replaced fuel filters to be safe, wouldn't crank over after replacing them. It does have sinister delete and an H&S tune in it. I read forum on possible chaffing wires in hpfp...not sure if I have the early model. here is vin#1ftsw21r68ec51023. I'm scared to death to bring it to dealer. I did check and clean all ground and positive wires that I could easily access. ANY ideas much appreciated. TY
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Yes it might be a wire in the HPFP gasket. What do you use to read code?

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ok first, "normal" scanner can't read powerstroke code and its not because you don't have check engine light that there is no code. you will need something like AE (autoenguinity) to read code.

so no fuel on the top filter? do the frame rail filter is working? make sure that the seal is good and no air coming in.
Does the actuator rod to turbo move when turning the key on?

If you had the top fuel filter almost empty and you tried to crank the engine, well i suspect that you have air in the high pressure fuel side. If air is in the HP fuel side, it will never build the 5000psi needed to get the injectors fired and you will need to bleed the system

Now i would highly suggest that you get a powerstroke capable scanner or find someone that have one. I suspect that you may have more than one issue and scanner will help you a lots

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to do so, you will need to build a bleeding tool.

Here's how :

and how to do :
Does the truck run now or just crank? If it run, no need to bleed it.

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If you get AE with the ford package (about 375$) it will work on all ford

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