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Challenging no start gremlin

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I own a 2008 f-250 with 147k miles. Its the workhorse on my construction company. A few weeks ago it started this problem... It would not turn over or try cranking over. I assumed it was starter or starter solenoid so I replaced those, while I was at it I replaced batteries. The truck started and ran great before showing same symptom 3 days later. I replaced ignition switch and still no good. the truck started on its own the next morning and we drove it for a few days without issues. while driving a mile from home truck just stalls out ,this time it would crank but not start. eventually after a few minutes it went back to not even cranking, there was sufficient battery left. Just before towing home I tried it again it boom! starts right up. Showing no codes, I replaced fuel filters to be safe, wouldn't crank over after replacing them. It does have sinister delete and an H&S tune in it. I read forum on possible chaffing wires in hpfp...not sure if I have the early model. here is vin#1ftsw21r68ec51023. I'm scared to death to bring it to dealer. I did check and clean all ground and positive wires that I could easily access. ANY ideas much appreciated. TY
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Hi, thanks for your help. I have basic code scanner from advanced auto, nothing fancy. Truck shows no codes or check engine lights. I just pushed it out of my garage for the night because I gave up for today and tried it for ****s and giggles and it turned over, fast strong cranking started running for about 2 seconds then stalled. I tried again and it wouldn't even try to crank. and I'm not sure if computer is going into safe mode but I took cap off of fuel filter under hood to see if fuel is pumping in there and it is not.
Yes its a basic actron scanner. This morning it did pump some fuel into housing under hood so there is hope there. I found out that it has no o2 sensors, its straight pipe off of manifold. thus the need for the h&s tune. I did find what looks like some sort of connector that was part of that o2 harness hanging funny and had landed on exhaust and melted slightly. It melted enough to have a small hole in it and was filled with salt water from the slush around here. I took it off and dryed it out and plugged it back in for now till I get to ford for a new one. I also tried the jump wire trick to the plug near battery and truck did turn over but not fire up. Now out of nowhere it cranks on own but still no firing up. I go out every now and then and try her but don't want to overheat new starter. I'M under the assumption that since it has never blown the #72 fuse I should be in good shape as far as the chaffed wires at the hpfp gasket? i'm scared of that scenario. lol
Yes thank you I think I need to bleed system as well. I'm going to do that now. I appreciate all your help!
So after the suspicious low flow to housing I checked pump on frame rail it was shot. My local parts store had one in stock and its already in truck. made a world of difference. first thing I noticed is copius amounts of fuel flowing and then I realized truck doesn't go in to shut down mode anymore so it turns over everytime I try it. this alone is huge! now to bleed all the air I got in there out. I'm going to watch the links you sent me now on bleeding. should have checked that pump weeks ago but hindsight 20/20.
I had to bleed it, a lot of air in there. Runs like a raped ape now. Thanks so much for your help! If I had that code scanner you mentioned above I probably wouldn't have gone through all this expense? Does it work for other fords too? I have a couple Mustangs I could also use it on. Looked like it was original fuel pump,
@147 k it was a pretty good run.
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