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Changing all eight injectors question

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I think the root of my troubles lay in most of the injectors having to many miles on them and just plain warn out(211K). What are my options if I decide to just change all eight out? Price?? Can these be sent in somewhere for rebuild?? This truck is hard starting when cold and after running only hits on a few until warmed up. Runs good after warm.

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If you want check your injectors you can measure the armature plate clearance with a feeler gauge while still in engine. This will tell you if the wear is down to under accepted spec. Simple to check once the valve covers are off. Post back if you want more details.

You may just have glow plug issues also.
to check aramature plate clearance you need to pull off 4 screws on top of injector and pull off the solenoid. Then pull off spacer. Now you see a square plate which is the armature plate. A feeler gauge is used to slide under neath the plate. A new injector spec is .004 in
A minimum of .0015 in is needed. If you have a .002 in feeler guage and it will not slide in that injector is just worn out.
I had 5 bad ones that would not pass the spec and I replaced all 8 injectors. My cold start problem was then gone. This was only done after doing all harness and glow plugs and relay.
Whats needs to be replaced in the injector to get them back to spec?

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They need to be remachined. Read this post that Dave from SWAMPS DIESEL posted. This can cause a cold or hot problem.
Swamps Diesel educated me on this problem and I purchased Baby Swamps injectors when mine had the problem. Thanks Dave /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

poppet wear
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