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Changing all eight injectors question

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I think the root of my troubles lay in most of the injectors having to many miles on them and just plain warn out(211K). What are my options if I decide to just change all eight out? Price?? Can these be sent in somewhere for rebuild?? This truck is hard starting when cold and after running only hits on a few until warmed up. Runs good after warm.

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Yea, I guess I should check them before spending all that green. I've been through the glow plug circuit from one end to the other, new glow plugs, checked circuit out with clamp on DC meter and that part is working perfectly.

This truck is growing on me so I'll keep it for a few years I just want to avoid head aches along the way. I assume Armature clearance will be the distance between what moves and what doesn't move, is the check point right there on the very top of the injector?

Thanks a million!
Great info here, thanks! I may look into a rebuild assuming it's less expensive then buying rebuilts on core. I have other things to drive so I may park this beast, pull the VC's and get busy, after vacation that is...
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