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Changing fuel filter

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I'm going to change the fuel filter on my truck tomorrow. Any tips other than filling up the new filter with fuel before installing?


Trevor in MO
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Please only use fresh diesel or additive and only pour it in the outer ring of holes in the filter. (DO NOT USE CONTAMINATED FUEL FROM THE OLD FILTER)

What filter are you using a 7.3 conversion kit....????
Check out DIS web page for the kit info go here......... Unfortunately they may be on back order, have been fo a while. You could just go to a wrecker and get a good 7.3 filter base and use the 7.3 filter I believe.
I had an indepth at length chat with a Seafoam rep recently and I was impressed with the info he presented regarding all their products. I will maybe try one product, but will not throw caution to the wind so to speak and and vouch for them all. There are many who feel that these snake oils will fix any problem, but as the rep and I agreed they will not repair worn or bad machinery to like new condition.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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