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Changing fuel filter

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I'm going to change the fuel filter on my truck tomorrow. Any tips other than filling up the new filter with fuel before installing?


Trevor in MO
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I would not recommend running decarbonizer straight through the IP. I had two IPs ruined for me due to fillups of gasoline (Oregon has no self-service fuelling; the 1st rig the gas station's insurance Co. paid $3k to have all new injection parts (IP, injectors, lift pump); the 2nd rig the insurance Co. bought from me outright to avoid the same costly repair, toasted the IP in three miles). Gasoline has practically no lubricity at 2k PSI, and I imagine that Seafoam doesn't either.

Ditto what Pete said: fill the filter only into the outside holes when you fill the filter, otherwise the fuel you pour in goes to the IP unfiltered.
For Diesels it says "fill diesel fuel filters with seafoam to clean injectors fast".

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Oh. OK. I must have been thinking of some other Seafoam product. Never mind.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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