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Changing gauge cluster,

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03 F250 XL 5.4 6 sp.
I recently had my fuel gauge stop working. (below E when full) Replaced the sending unit and found the old one to be good so it wasn't that. (replaced it anyway)
I have moved on to "guessing" the gauge cluster is bad. I have located one that will work, it is used but it is high mileage, my truck has 48K on it.
Is the odo changable? Can I use my old odometer (w/ 48K) in the used higher mileage cluster???
Also, the replacement is for an auto. trans.. I have a 6 sp.. Will that work out okay?

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Does anyone have a wiring diagram to upgrade a cluster form a'08 to a '03 i'm looking to swat dash?
thanks klhansen i'm trying to give it a newer face I honestly don't mind if all the lights work I'm just interested on having my gages function
1 - 3 of 9 Posts