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Changing oil gasket without draining oil?

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I have a minor leak that spreads across the bottom of the oil pan caused, I think, because the wrong type of gasket was used at the last oil change.

The place that did it said that they would be willing to change the gasket. They said they could do it without draining the oil by applying a vacuum to the oil fill tube and I guess blocking off the dip stick hole so that the oil doesn't come out while they change the gasket

Has anyone ever heard of this being done successfully? Can the vacuum cause any damage to any systems in our 7.3 engines?

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Yes, it does work, just check your oil level before you leave. Better yet, get the Fumoto valve and change your own oil!!! I have read to many horror stories from these Jiffy type places, I have done all my own oil changes for years, gives me a chance to inspect other areas under the truck.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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