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changing tires size & how to correct?????

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i am lifting my truck 8" and putting 38" tires on it. How can i correct the speedo. Ithink it will be off alot. and don't want a ticket for speeding. Any sugestions???????

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SCT can adjust the speedo for tire size on all electronically controlled speedometers read from the processor. The Diesel trucks speedometer do not read MPH from the computer, therefore we can't adjust. However we do make tire size adjustment for proper part throttle shift points. Virtually all 1996+ Ford vehicles can be changed within the programming, except the Diesel's. The dealer can make a change to adjust for tire size up to about a 33" tire, it's the revs stored in the ID Block.

The simplest way to adjust is by using the Superlift module.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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