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Chaotic Pryometer

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My Steward Warner pyrometer that I have had in my truck forever (at least 5 years) does not seem to functioning properly recently. I do not know if it's the gauge itself or the thermocouple which is a K type or maybe my EGT's have just cooled off. I have taken some Ohm load readings of the gauge and the contacts from the thermocouple but I do not know what these readings mean other than the fact that they are reading something. I have bought another gauge, a Hewitt Industries gauge, but have not hooked it up. The Ohm readings on that gauge differ though from the Steward Warner gauge. Can anybody help me out here. Leads at the end of my thermocoupler read 8.4 Ohms (that's at idle), SW gauge reads 66.2 Ohms Hewitt gauge reads 54.6 Ohms.
Thanks in advance

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I know its really random, but on the way to Indy last month, mine started goin absolutely nuts, like goin from 1600 to 100 and everywhere in between, it was caused by the CB. Most of the guys with us had DiPricol gauges and they all did it. You could key the mic and they start goin crazy. I dunno if this helps but it was wierd and it took us forever to figure out lol.
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