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I replied to what I thought was a two dead battery charging issue, or one of two that is not charging properly. It is a complicated issue, I was trying to keep it simple. I am "assuming" the factory thought ahead and has their wiring system designed to charge each battery with the alternator at the same time without overcharging or undercharging either battery. Sorry for causing such a rant. I forgot to mention I have a 4 station Battery Tender charger. I can use it to charge the 1 - 4 batteries at the same time. I have not had to charge my truck batteries with the 4 station charger since the radio incident. I have an OptiMate Pro very nice charger that works great, but just one battery, that is the charger I used on my truck after the radio discharge. But again on my trucks, with two batteries I always disconnect one of the batteries, with any charger just to be safe.
Many years ago I needed to charge two dead batteries in one of my diesel trucks that I loaned to a friend. He ran the batteries down so I had to put my charger on the truck. At that time, I didn't disconnect the batteries put the charger on one battery and let it charge overnight. I was curious if the discharge screwed up the batteries, so I disconnected both batteries, checked the voltage. Sure enough the distant battery was not charged as high as the battery with the charger connected...the truck sat for a while not driven, so I put my charger on the distant battery, left the batteries connected and what I found was the battery that did not charge as high as the other before, now had good charge and the other one that was charged properly did not receive the same charge as before.
I hope this makes some sense. Shoot, I could have washed my truck quicker than trying to explain this...:D
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