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Were any changes made to the chassis/suspension on the '08+ trucks from the '05-'07 design? Is there any difference between an F350 frame and a F450 frame?

Thanks, Phillip

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No, other than beginning production of the F-450 pickup.

Limiting discussion to the F-450 pickup, it has the same frame as the F-350 DRW pickup. It does not have the same frame as the F-450 chassis cab trucks.

The F-350 DRW pickup frame has not changed since beginning the 2005 production year.

Suspension is a different story. The F-450 pickup has the same front springs as a comparably-equipped F-350 DRW, but it has stiffer rear springs. Shocks are the same. But again, the suspension on the F-450 chassis cab trucks is a lot heavier-duty than on the F-450 pickup. The result is a GVWR of 14,500 for the F-450 pickup but 16,500 for the F-450 chassis cab.
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