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Cheap Free Power!!

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OK we all want it but newbies like me have trouble determining what all the acronyms mean. I have searched and found loads of great info on this site...I just need a little guidance.
I have the downpipe and the open exhaust and homemade tymar intake.

I see posts about a shim for the fuel system...backpressure releases..and other 'free' upgrades that alot of you have tried. I would like to know which ones are worth it and which ones are better left alone. Please help me unleash the beast even more!!

I have tried the 10k mod but I took it out with the fuel prices. I know I need a chip but I will get there soon enough. Thanks for your help.
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You can put a non-zinc coated BB in the fuel pressure regulator. This will raise your fuel pressure a bit. Optimal is 55-70 psi.

You can gut the EBPV (exhaust back pressure valve). This means you unplug the wires to it and take the "butterfly" out of it. Some have said it is up to 20% restrictive. Doing this does eliminate the possibility of is getting stuck closed and will help slightly with EGTs. It sounds cooler too.

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