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I just clean my drain pan real well and dump my WMO from the crankcase to the pan to the fuel tank. I would LIKE to have a filter setup, yours are real nice. I figure the trucks f/filter will do it's job, in the meantime.

I only have a few hundred mile, using this process. I don't drive this vehicle much.

Better put a new fuel filter behind your seat, you will need it one day soon when you're on the highway.

Be very careful about this....even straight from your oil pan, you are going to clog the filter real quick. Oil is dirtier than you would be lead to think. Hundreds of particles (ppm) over 15 microns...and hundreds under 5 microns. Get a centrifuge....then you will have lots of particles that are 1 micron or smaller :D Leave the centrifuge in a 55 gal drum of oil for about 4 hours it will be realllly clean. Google spinner 2 centrifuge if your interested.
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