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check engine light

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More troubles
I cleaned off the top of my motor with engine cleaner and a garden hose
The next day while I was driving the truck lost power, not like running out of
fuel it was to smooth. Then quit and would not start,I opened the hood wiggled the wiring harness drained some fuel then it ran but the check engine light is still on and with a load on the truck seems down on power

I have an edge programer on it and have disconected the EBV and wired it in
to a switch to use as a exhaust brake
The codes I get are

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P1281 ICP Circuit Out of Range High
P0475 Exhaust Pressure Control Valve Error

Pull the ICP sensor wire and make sure it is clean and dry - maybe a little WD-40 on the harness. Clear your codes and see if it comes back.
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