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Hi! I am a Youtuber and have been for over 5 years. However, my channel's content never really grabbed anyone's interest despite spending countless hours producing them.
Recently, in the last couple months, I fell in love with in car channels like Streetspeed717 and other diesel channels. They continued to hype me up for my first car which is quite the beauty. 2004 F-350 6.0l. Ill leave a couple pictures of it. I was wondering if yall could help me out and check out a video I made of my truck.
I am trying to get into making videos about my powerstroke so please check out the video. Thanks guys! My youtube channel is Najiblet Buttsaginton.
God Bless the USA

Details on the Truck:
6 inch lift
35 inch tires
long bed
6.0 Diesel
Bulletproofed engine
Many more mods made by the previous owner.


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