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checking engine functions

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How do you check the fuel pressure and the oil for the hpop?? I have a very sick 1996 DIT and want to help it!!! rew's to about 2,000 rpm then the white smoke rolls out and the engines falls off of power fast!!! If you push it to the floor it will clear out then run ok. Local dealer has no idea. this is still stone stock. It has to be sprayed to start in morning, but it will start thru the day ok. Does act as if it misses when starting, but clears out after rew up. This truck ran like a jack rabbit last summer now after the winter it is bad off. Any help PLEASE.............. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif
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sounds like what happens when the oil temp sensor gets out of whack or something amiss with a major system. the timing is off when it pours smoke or there is a physical problem with a major o-ring leak.

the fuel pressure is measured with a scrader valve screw on type fitting near the filter housing.

You can make an hpop gauge by going down to the local hydralic supply house and getting a 3500psi or higher pressure gauge with about 4 feet of hose. the brass plug on the side of the heads along the oil rail (facing inside middle) easily removes. just have the guy make up a hose with the same fittings and screw it on and monitor it when the engine runs. mine cost about $30 to make.
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