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Cleaning out tank on '2016 F250 with water?

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Hello friends, just bought a 2016 f250 last month, been a great truck so far. Like a squid I put the Blue def in the fuel tank today. Never started the truck. After looking at various videos on youtube I decided not to chance it and to drop the tank and clean as much as possible. Well I broke one of the clips that holds the fuel line onto the sending unit/fuel pump at top of tank. Found this old thread in the search but it is from 2013. Looking for advice on how to remedy this problem without buying a new fuel line on a saturday morning, hoping by now there is a good solution. Thinking as it looks it is not a high pressure connection is it? Looks like it is just a suction line, both of them? Don't see an actual pump in the tank just this sending unit.
Ok whats the deal with cleaning with water? Do I still need to do that? I already drained and then flushed again and also wiped the whole inside of tank with link free rags, looks very clean to me
Saw on yt one guys says to add AR6200, another guys said to add Cetane boost what you guys say
Anything else I should do before I start the truck after I get it together?
Thank you in advance

edit: here is the old link, oops not allowed to post links as a newbie here.
also the fittings on mine are like the "safe lock" types on the link posted on the old thread page:
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I also assume you didnt turn the key on(not starting it) at all? I ask, because if you turned the key, then you need to flush the fuel lines all the way to the engine, maybe more. That first turn of the key turns the low pressure fuel pump(frame rail) on. I cant answer your question about the broken fitting, but make sure you change out the fuel filters too.
Sounds like you are well on your way!
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