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Whether you drive a daily commuter, serious off-roader or take your car to the race track; dirt and debris often gets caught inside your wheel well and builds up over time. This is usually forgotten during the weekly wash. With Autoglym Engine & Machine Cleaner we make removing caked on dirt easy.

Simply full lock your wheels in one direction so you create more working space, or, you can take your wheels off if you want a complete access – make sure you follow your vehicle’s guidelines in terms of jacking the car up. Grab a high-pressure hose and rinse inside the wall to remove any easy-to-remove built-up dirt. Remember to clean one wheel well at a time to stop the cleaning solution from drying.

Start attacking tough areas by applying a generous amount of Engine & Machine Cleaner under the wells and on all muddy areas, leaving the detergent on for a few minutes to loosen the dirt before using a stiff brush to agitate the cleaner. Work at a pace to avoid the product drying.

Hose off the detergent to reveal any remaining dirt – if there is any, repeat process of applying the Engine & Machine Cleaner and scrub the wheel wells with a clean brush.

Once the wheel walls are spotless, spray the wet wheel wall with Autoglym Vinyl & Rubber Care and allow the solution to dry, leaving the plastic trim looking like new!

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