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It goes without saying how essential seatbelts are to the safety of yourself and your passengers. Because of this, it’s important to keep them clean to make sure they stay in good, safe, working condition. Dirt and gunk can not only contribute to seatbelt wear and tear, but can also affect seatbelt retractability which is a big safety no-no.

Stains from things like spilt drinks and food are common occurrences. However, this can be easily rectified with a bit of time and elbow grease. Autoglym Interior Shampoo is the perfect product for maintaining your seatbelts.

First, pull the seatbelt out all the way and secure the belt at the retractor with a clip to stop the belt from retracting the belt back in.

Using a brush, remove any dust or loose dirt from the seat belt. Then apply Autoglym Interior Shampoo to the seatbelt and scrub the shampoo into the belt using a spare toothbrush. Some extra time may be needed to focus on tougher stains and marks. For harsher stains caused by oil or ink, use Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover before applying Interior Shampoo.

Finally, wipe down the seatbelt with a damp chamois to remove the shampoo and dirt.

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