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Clear coat Lariat wheels--how fix scratches?

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I cant polish them cuz it will take the clear off. I can wash them but they are a bit cloudy and have the usual scratches. Do you have to strip these things and re-coat them?
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I have done the following with great success to get the shine back:
1) remove the wheels (and tires if feasible, but I have done it both ways)
2) strip using paint remover
3) clean and put wheel back on the rear, still on jackstands
4) put in gear and polish with a scotchbrite pad (this will put back the circular lines that are factory)
5) spray with clear (preferably out of a gun). I usually add a little bit of black to the clear, again to replicate the factory look.

This is a good long afternoon project but is worth the effort. It is not difficult. They should look good for 3 years if you use good clearcoat.

Good luck if you try it!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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