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We have been getting many new users lately who don't seem to know the finer points of our rules. Even some of our long-time users have started posting things that are technically against our membership rules. The following items are ones that we feel very strongly about at TheDieselStop.Com. Please always follow these rules when posting in our forums.

General Posting Rules:
  • No swearing of any kind. This includes vulgar as well as obscene words. Using symbols instead of letters does not exempt your message from this requirement. You may "Dagwood" swearing similar to what is used in comics. ie. (&%@*(. Just blanking, ***ing, or using symbols to obscure part of a vulgar word is not okay. Messages that don't meet this requirement will be edited or deleted at the moderator's discretion without notice. Continued abuse of this could result in a 30-day account ban.
  • Several TDS members have threads locked due to bashing, flaming, and personal attacks. No flaming or attacking of other users. If this continues, moderators may permanently ban the accounts of violaters. If you don't agree with someone, post why you think their argument is wrong. Calling them an idiot, moron, etc. doesn't advance your argument at all and will not be tolerated. Just accept that there are different opinions and everyone is not always going to agree.
  • Just to be clear, replying to someone who posts junk with your own junk is just as bad as the first person, maybe even worse because you are then feeding the troll. Just like a wild animal, once you feed a troll they keep coming back for more.
  • There are a many companies providing upgrade items for diesels. Each have their strengths and weaknesses. Discussions of these items is allowed in the appropriate forum however problems with a specific vendor or their product must be discussed privately with that vendor.
  • Do not use our forums to drum up support for any legal action, to harass a vendor/store of any kind, or to solicit support for any type of "cause". These forums are for technical discussions and are not to be used as your personal soapbox.
  • POST ON-TOPIC! Since these Forum's inception, many of the threads started have been determined to be "OFF TOPIC". There are many different forums available on TheDieselStop.Com with appropriate descriptions. Please post in the correct forum to be sure the right people see your message. Please confine the discussion of topics in these forums to those items that are specific to the question or topic. Messages will be moved to the appropriate forum by moderators, without notice, but that takes up their valuable time. Do NOT cross-post messages across multiple forums. Post in the more appropriate one for your topic. Duplicate posts will be deleted without notice. Off topic items or posts may be deleted or moved without notice.
  • Please note that forum signatures are subject to the same rules as forum posts. We are seeing prohibited items like for sale items, etc. in user signatures. These will be removed without notice. Continued violations may result in user bans.
  • Spoofed user accounts will not be tolerated. This is your notice that anyone who creates a user account meant to imitate, mock, etc. another user will be subject to having YOUR account banned as well as the spoofed account without notice.
  • We at The Diesel Stop respect your right to form your own opinion about the site rules (and the site administration), however you are NOT free to post those thoughts on TDS. TDS is private property and the rules here are not open to debate. You hold no constitutional right to freedom of speech on TDS. What you post to the site is subject to editing and/or removal (without recourse or notice) at the discretion of the site administration.
  • If you have a legitimate question about a rule, you may post such question in the News, Comments, and Suggestions forum or PM a moderator asking for clarification. However posts made with the obvious intent to show disdain for our rules or administration will be removed without warning and further such posts may lead to disciplinary action up to and including the removal of your posting priviledges.
  • When you see inappropriate posts happening, click the Notify link at the bottom of each post.
  • "Selling on the boards is strictly prohibited and rigorously enforced, with one warning and then account termination (unless you are a supporting vendor posting in your own section). We define a vendor as any individual or company that sells a service or item for the purpose of profit, regardless of the volume or dollar value of that sale, whether incorporated or not. In relation to this rule, members are not permitted to use their or other business names as a user name on the site unless they are set up as a supporting vendor. Classified ads and Wanted ads are also not permitted in the technical forums in the body of your messages, your forum signature, or your forum profile. We have a special Classified Ads category of forums just for those types of ads. If you are here to simply converse with fellow Ford truck owners - enjoy!"
Signature Rules:

* No for sale items may be listed in your signature.

* No info in your signature, profile, or avatar that is contrary to the general forums rules (political, religious, etc).

* Signatures may only list info about your truck and/or other vehicles you own.

* No links to vendors or commercial sites of any kind unless you are a paying sponsor. Signatures and profiles may only contain links to your personal site.

NOTE: Webshots or other similar web sites where you have posted pictures of your truck are allowed.

NOTE: Truck clubs that only sell club related items may have a link to thier club.


The Administrators and Moderators of TheDieselStop.Com Forums
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