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Clock spring questions

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After some recent front end work on my 2001 f-250 7.3 psd, I found out my clock spring was damaged and needs to be replaced. Any tutorials or video around for the do-it-yourselfer? The last thing I want is to have the airbag go kaboom while I'm in the process.:icon_mad:
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It's pretty straight forward. Disconnect your batteries and have a soda or coffee so the capacitors in the air bag will go "dead". then just take the air bag off the steering wheel gently. Make sure you have the wheels pointed straight and remove the steering wheel. You may need a steering wheel puller. clock spring is underneath the mounting plate. I have "match marked" the wheel and the colum splines before removal. then put it back together..How do you know the clock spring is bad?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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