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Clunky front end noise

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I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I have beem noticing a clunking noise in the front end, that seems to mostly happen when going over small bumps or road imperfections. Just from looking underneath, it looks like my endlink bushings are shot. I was thinking of just going ahead and doing endlinks and bushings together. Would worn endlink bushings cause front end noise like i am describing? Also, the front of my truck is lifted 4” to level the front to the rear. I would imagine factory size/length endlinks would be too short for my setup. How do I know what exactly to search for as far as endlinks to purchase?
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How about ball joints? They take a lot of abuse, especially on lifted trucks. Sway bar links? Track bar bushings? There are so many places that can make noise on the front end. I don't know what size end links there are, but long enough to get the ends fairly horizontal should be ok. The sway bar is just connected to both sides of the axle - being raised would just bring the angle down creating force angles more towards the frame as opposed to directed against the opposite side of the axle.
Thanks RT
My front swaybar bushings were worn and causing similar clunking as you've described. It's a good place to start. My endlinks looked bad, but were still tight so I kept them in place for now. New bushings did the trick.

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