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Code 1316

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My X has been acting up. I am getting codes P1000, P1316 and P0541. I know what the P1000 and 0541 are from. The P1316 is related to the IDM somehow. When it acts up it seems like it is running on two cylinders, has no power and sounds terrible. I have been resetting the computer with one of those cheapo scanners and it fixes it temporarily.
Someone told me it could be the harnesses under the valve cover. Any ideas on this? I checked the connector on each valve cover. None of the pins looked burned or black. Where is the best place to buy those valve cover gaskets if I have to? I hear they are not cheap.
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20 bucks each from Internal Harvester. Look here and find a dealer.

I hear some Intenational dealers will not sell parts for Ford trucks, If so, call another dealer.

There is a way to check Under valve cover harness, someone will post with very good instructions.

Might have your alternator and batteries checked. Have them load test the alternator, it is like a 135 amp alternator. If is putting out like 50 amps, it will not carry the full load of our trucks. The engine will run like horse doo doo with a weak alternator or batteries.
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