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Colorado here I come.

The last three weeks have been fast and furious finishing my conversion as well as the necessary routine maintenance for a Wednesday departure for a 1300mi (2600 round trip) jaunt from Tennessee to Colorado for just under two weeks of camping in the truck and having motorcycling, kayaking and similar fun.
I threw the switch earlier in the week and things seem to be working fine. It doesn't look like there will be any time to test before rolling and Ive only had about 2 errands worth of testing. Im getting over 160f before it goes into the engine (too hot?)
Its going to be "put it in drive and hope its smooth sailing"
My aux fuel tank Im building for the bed will hopefully be done by the last possible moment. It will only have 35 gal capacity though. That is about an exact match to all the oil I have on hand though unless I resort to some late night collection methods but even that wont allow for setting time.
I was hoping I could achieve a full trip without conventional fueling but alas time conspires against me.
Im putting the shout out to my fellow Ford veggie burners here. I need oil in Colorado. I will gladly pay. I know the PITA it is to filter and settle. After all this hard work its breaking my heart that I haven't been able to scrape any time together to aquire a larger war chest of supply. Its been late nights till after midnight just working on basic usability issues with the truck.
Ill be floating around Golden, Boulder, Lyons, Salida, Buena Vista, and Colorado Springs from June 2 to 16.
If anyone can help you would make my trip. I could bring a unique trinket from Tennessee as a thank you but I doubt anyone is really needing a Big Mouth Billy Bass or a Vols trucker hat.
If you can help my e mail addy is angst at usa dawt com or just post in this thread or PM me.

Eric Z
Chattanooga TN

Here are the conversion details.
95 F350 that has 2 stock fuel tanks. I moved the stock tank selector switch to the engine and mounted over the fuel filter.
The stock front tank serves as the veggie tank. I do not have a heat exchanger in the tank and I am not using a pusher pump. I will probably add a disposable filter but haven't yet.
The metal fuel lines that used to serve as the main send and return now serve as the rear tanks send and return that Ill run conventional diesel in.
The front tank fuel lines are hose on hose. Immediately after leaving the tank I have a 5 foot copper heat exchanger mounted along the frame rail with 3/8 rigid interior for fuel and 3/4 exterior for coolant.
I moved the washer fluid tank over a little bit and mounted my 26 plate Kaori flat plate heat exchanger in that area.
For temp gauges I used the $8.88 indoor/outdoor thermometers with 10ft lead and sensor from that most specialized of veggie conversion suppliers Wal Mart. I put one just after the first heat exchanger and the other after the tank switcher.
While running on the Dino-D tank Ive switched over when I see the first thermometer read 130f. In a short time the final thermometer will read off the gauge (158f max). When I switch back to the diesel tank the dropping temps tell me when I am purged.

Seems ready to go. Ill add a disposable filter. Doesn't look like there is time to add a pusher pump even if I wanted to but I may consider buying one to carry with to install if it becomes necessary.
Any input on design changes I am all ears.
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