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Computer Code for chip order

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I know this sounds dumb, but I have a chip for my Dads 97 power stroke and a few months ago he had to replace the CPU because it was supposed to be bad, so how would I get the information to have the chip re burned for his new computer? Its a TS 4 bank chip and its no longer working in the new setup, Any help would be appreciated!!

Also my 02 the tag is off the door, I would like to find my code and write in back in there with a sharpy

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Michael, your 02 is more than likely a VDH2 code,...

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It is more than likely a VDH# but not necessarily a VDH2. My '02 (in sig) is a VDH3 and the programming from DP was based on VDH5. The easiest way is to locate one of the two stickers on the PCM itself taking into account any re-flashes it might have had.
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