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Computer Code for chip order

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I know this sounds dumb, but I have a chip for my Dads 97 power stroke and a few months ago he had to replace the CPU because it was supposed to be bad, so how would I get the information to have the chip re burned for his new computer? Its a TS 4 bank chip and its no longer working in the new setup, Any help would be appreciated!!

Also my 02 the tag is off the door, I would like to find my code and write in back in there with a sharpy

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My 02 is VDH 4.

The code is on the side of the PCM (under the hood) facing the driver's side fender.
The easiest way I've found to get the code is to stick a camera phone or camera down beside the pcm and snap a shot or a video. Worked like a charm on my camera phone.
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