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Hello all, I am looking for the computer module so I can get the keyless door entry code. Can anyone tell me where I might find it? I have been told that the door code is located there. Thank You in advance for your help.

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Look on the drivers side behind the plastic battery cover.
You will see a silver metal box behind there with your codes.
If you see a four digit code starting with a letter this is your computer code.
You will be looking for a five digit number code.
Hopefully it's there.

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Location of Keyless Code on Computer Module of Ford F250 Superduty ( 2007 )

Here is a better answer to save you the time I spent locating the sticker on the computer module that shows the keyless entry code.

Mine is a 2007 F250 XLT Superduty.

The computer module is mounted high on the firewall approximately behind the a/c fan speed control knob. Here is how to find it / get to it:

1. Remove the large cover under the steering column that covers the fuse block. You'll need to reach in under the dash, with your left arm, to the right of the steering column and left of center to move stuff to get a clear view.

2. Open the storage pocket door on the lower edge of the dash (right of the steering column) and squeeze the back side of the storage pocket to allow the stops to pass to the front. This will allow the opening to be clear to see the computer module up in the dash. Shine your flash light through this opening.

3. Move the first piece of white insulation to the side to see the firewall. Look up through the pocket door, moving the wiring harnesses aside if necessary. You'll find a second white insulation wrapped snugly across the computer module. When you push the insulation up to see the flat surface, you see the 5 digit number printed up-side-down in black on a white sticker. This is your keyless entry code.

Instructions for Programming Keyless Entry Code Copied from the 2007 Owner's Manual

You can use the keyless entry
keypad to lock or unlock the doors
without using a key.
The keypad can be operated with
the factory set 5–digit entry code;
this code is located on the owner’s wallet card in the glove box, is
marked on the computer module, and is available from your authorized
dealer. You can also create your own 5–digit personal entry code.
When pressing the controls on the keypad, press the middle of the
controls to ensure a good activation.​
Programming a personal entry code​
To create your own personal entry code:
1. Enter the factory set code. The driver door will unlock.
2. Within five seconds press the 1​
2 on the keypad.
3. Enter your personal 5-digit code. Each number must be entered
within five seconds of each other.
4. The doors will lock then unlock to confirm that your personal keycode
has been programmed into the module.

Do not set a code that uses five of the same number.

Do not use five numbers in sequential order.

Good Luck - this worked easily for me!
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