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I have a 2001 F-250 Lariat, 4x4, extended cab. I just drove the 2016 and I'll be selling my 2001.
However, I have an issue I need to resolve before I put it up for sale. Starting 4-5 years ago, after 3-4 hours on the road at 65-70 MPH the truck would develop a very short, hard misfire. When I let of the gas and got back down to 55 for a mile or so, the problem would disappear. This still occurs intermittently.
Then, on rare occasions, I'd get off the freeway or just be driving around slowly in traffic and the truck would stall, but restart.
I just returned from a trip where I drove for 6 hours (stopping once for gas). I checked into a hotel room, got back in the truck to look for a place to eat and the truck died at least 10 times in a one mile stretch driving slowly thru town. It did the same thing last year but only stalled 3-4 times.
I get no error codes, no check engine light, nothing.
No one around here (I have not taken it to a dealer) seems to be able to figure it out. I have replaced the cam sensor twice and one other electrical part, the name of which escapes me at the moment.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
This is the only thing between me and a 2016!

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Random electrical issues are a pain. What brand CPS did you replace the original with? Check your ICP for oil penetration. Check the 42 pin connector wires where it passes over the driver's side valve cover for chaffed wiring. Check the tin nut on your IPR valve.

Do you have any modifications on the truck? A chip or tuner? Does it do it more at a certain fuel level - like around 1/4 tank or below? What oil are you using and how often is it changed.

Just my 2 cents, but you'd be miles ahead updating your current truck and leaving the 2016 on the lot.
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