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Convert F250 to F350 SRW

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I thought about getting a new F350 but decided against $900 payments. I am looking for more payload capacity for my 30' toy hauler. On the scales I am right at my max door sticker payload of 2330# with an empty toyhauler and before I added my 70gal aux tank. Some weight is on the front axle i'm sure but not going to figure out the arm of moment for the aux tank. on the trailer I'm sure the water tanks in front of the axles will add pin weight while loading all the bikes behind the axles will reduce it.

I have read many threads about SRW/DRW conversions but have not found much (one thread) that discusses anything about 250/350SRW swap. I know the 04below had different axles, Am I simply getting confused on the specs for the 05+ 250/350?

If the axles really are different what all do I need to find from a 350 and swap over and what years will work? If the rear axles are the same in 2006 what is needed to increase the payload to that of the 350 just springs? I only tow 10-20 times a year from Houston to DFW then Hallet, OK and NOLA 3 of those trips so a DRW is out of the question.

From the door sticker:
Arpil 06 build date
Short bed 6.0L 4x4
factory 20"
3L axle (e-slip 3.73)
5600# front 6100# rear 10,000 GVWR
Spring code DDFF which from the best I can tell is
DD — F81A-5310-AGD, 5,600 lb
FF — 5560, leaf
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Heck if ford can convert a Super Duty into a F150, raise the base price $10k and call it good, That should not be a problem.
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