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2018 Ford F-350 - 6.7
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Hey all, I've have been on a journey chasing down a coolant leak on my 2018 6.7. Since the very beginning I have been sending oil samples at every oil change for analysis. Somewhere between 25,305 miles and 34,949 miles they started picking up on higher levels of potassium in the oil, which coincidentally was about the time some work was done under the hood. At 45,378 they still weren't convinced it was coolant, although I started to notice my coolant level was slowly dropping. Since then I've had the oil cooler replaced under warranty, but that has not slowed the coolant leak down at all. I do not get any odor in or outside of the truck. My last sample at 83k miles shows higher levels of potassium and sodium, so the coolant leak is still around. It never seems to be enough that the oil shows any milky coloring. The truck does not smoke at all. The only thing I can think of at this point is that the coolant is getting into the oil at the turbo some how. Any one have any experience with this?
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