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coolant loss after inj cup replace...

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I have coolant loss going on and I'm not sure where it is leaking from.

I had the injector cups replaced recently, as I found fuel in my coolant.... a lot of it.

Afterwards, I still got a little fuel in my overflow reservoir, but I would absorb it out with paper towels every couple of days, and now it is nothing but clean coolant.

The thermostat o-ring started to leak, so I replaced it.

Now, I still am having a leak of coolant somewhere. I can smell it when I walk around the front of my truck. I just can't find it. I see some dried coolant deposits on the top of the water pump. Could possibly be from seepage around the pump, or may be left over from the thermostat leak.

Here's a question for you... since the thermostat oring was degraded by the diesel in the fuel, is it possible that the seals in the water pump were damaged too?

I'm thinking about doing an R&R on the water pump tomorrow. Could this be the issue, or am I wasting my time?


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