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Could I Please See a Update ???

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I very seldom wander from the 94-97 forum but I was wondering if I could see about getting an update to the tips section possibly a listing of common part #'s used by these models-GPR's,CPS's,newest oring Part #'s,cat delete pipe by ford,calif fuel kit,brakes,water pumps etc.All by the sellers-Napa,Ford,IH,Advance Etc.
The reason I'm asking is that the search engine for me is a pain in the rear,It would be nice to go to 1 page & find all the general nfo in 1 spot. Ive seen several posts like this on the forum but once you forget the name of the first post I can never find it again.
If it could added to by the members - part # so & so supercedes Part # X - to keep it up to date sure would be nice also.
I'm sure this would apply to all forums also. I could supply enough part #'s Ive copied & pasted to fill a page or 2 myself from this site.
Thanks For Your Time

95 F-250 XLT PS,SC,LWB,E4OD,3:55's, Hayden 679 Trans Cooler,Pioneer CD Player,Weather Tech Visors,Interceptor,CCC
K&N,Updated Air Box,Ported Snorkle & Bug Shield,Calif.regulator kit.Pic on page #24
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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