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Could I Please See a Update ???

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I very seldom wander from the 94-97 forum but I was wondering if I could see about getting an update to the tips section possibly a listing of common part #'s used by these models-GPR's,CPS's,newest oring Part #'s,cat delete pipe by ford,calif fuel kit,brakes,water pumps etc.All by the sellers-Napa,Ford,IH,Advance Etc.
The reason I'm asking is that the search engine for me is a pain in the rear,It would be nice to go to 1 page & find all the general nfo in 1 spot. Ive seen several posts like this on the forum but once you forget the name of the first post I can never find it again.
If it could added to by the members - part # so & so supercedes Part # X - to keep it up to date sure would be nice also.
I'm sure this would apply to all forums also. I could supply enough part #'s Ive copied & pasted to fill a page or 2 myself from this site.
Thanks For Your Time

95 F-250 XLT PS,SC,LWB,E4OD,3:55's, Hayden 679 Trans Cooler,Pioneer CD Player,Weather Tech Visors,Interceptor,CCC
K&N,Updated Air Box,Ported Snorkle & Bug Shield,Calif.regulator kit.Pic on page #24
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I have been thinking the same thing but just never voiced my thoughts. That would be an invaluable resource for us '94-'97 Power Stroke owners!
As a (relatively) new Power Stroke owner this list would make it easy for those like me to find part numbers to begin doing some mods and maintenance by ourselves without worry.
Also, would you mind e-mailing me what you have? My e-mail address is [email protected].
Great Idea

1996 F-350 XLT CC SRW LWB 4x4 E4OD 4L10, Dayton Timberline A/T LT285/75R16s on Alcoa wheels, K&N Air Filter, A.R.E. MX topper, PacBrake
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