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couple questions about wiring an amp

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its been years since i wired a stereo...using the stock stereo, is the remote on in back just waiting to be used? i assume its blue? also with the amp, is it OK to wedge it under a seat or in a tight spot, or will it overheat. and do i need a speacial tool to remove the stereo or can i just unbolt/pull t out to get to the wires in the back? thanks.
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I BELIVE there should be one on the stock radio. I used an amp on my stock radio in my 99 but my nephue helped me wire it and I guess he did that part. I also had to use the RCA adapter to tap into the rear speaker wires for the subs. Going to build a new box and do it in my '03 too soon.
It is only a couple dollars I think,, I would do that before tearing the dash apart.. why ask for rattles??? Just a thought.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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