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couple questions about wiring an amp

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its been years since i wired a stereo...using the stock stereo, is the remote on in back just waiting to be used? i assume its blue? also with the amp, is it OK to wedge it under a seat or in a tight spot, or will it overheat. and do i need a speacial tool to remove the stereo or can i just unbolt/pull t out to get to the wires in the back? thanks.
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Your amp needs to be mounted so that the fan is not restricted. The new stereo should take a tool to remove, they sell them at Walmart, autoparts stores, etc. It should have two holes on each side that the tool is pushed into, which releases clips and lets the stereo just slide out.

Don't know about the remote wire.
You sure it doesn't have a fan. If you looked at a laptop computer it wouldn't 'look' like it has a fan, but it does.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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