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couple questions about wiring an amp

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its been years since i wired a stereo...using the stock stereo, is the remote on in back just waiting to be used? i assume its blue? also with the amp, is it OK to wedge it under a seat or in a tight spot, or will it overheat. and do i need a speacial tool to remove the stereo or can i just unbolt/pull t out to get to the wires in the back? thanks.
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If you dont have the tool some times if you pull the dash out(plastic) the radio comes with it.It will only come out so far you will have to undo the wire connectors and drop the shifter (if auto) into low.Then use a regular screwdriver on the clips on the back of the radio to get it out of the panel.Its a lot less hassel with the tool to pull the radio .
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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