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CPS failure after chip

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How many of you guys have had the dreaded CPS failure not long after installing your chip? I was reading one of the previous posts and I had exactly, I mean exactly, the same problem not 2 weeks after installing my chip. I changed out the CPS and no more problems yet. Not blaming anyone, but just wondering if the change in performance of the engine could cause pre-mature failure. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif
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You would think Ford (international) could make a CPS that would last. I was lucky and mine failed just as I was getting on the freeway. Was able to stay on the service road and shut the truck down without a mishap. Mine went out at 48K but haven't had any other problems since replacing it but I only have 62K on my X. I am a believer now and keep an extra CPS in the glove box.
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