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CPS Failure on I-95

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I was traveling I-95 North in Northeastern NC at 70 MPH when the engine bucked and hiccupped 3-4 times, set the SES light on and shut off. I was able to fire it back up and limp to an exit and it happened again before I reached the exit. I coasted to the top and got off the interstate. I had a spare CPS in the glove box, changed it out and the truck ran fine afterwards.

It was a 10 year old "black" International 1825899C93. What is the recommended replacement for this CPS for the modern day?

The new CPS also took care of a low RPM 42 MPH engine skip that I first thought was a tire balance issue!
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A long answer would be to read this thread -

The short answer is the black is still the best but unavailable. The dark blue comes in second, and the Ford recommended grey comes in a distant third. All of the non-international brands come in so far behind the pack it isn't worth considering. For example, some people have got the Echlin CPS to work by adding about a half pound of ferrite chokes to various wires. None of that is needed with the International CPS line.
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