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CPS? I doubt it

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Hey all. I was just getting to work today when my truck just died. I pressed the pedal to the floor and absolutely nothing happened. It was like the computer shut off fuel to the engine. I immideatly thought CPS, but I looked down and my tach was still registering. After about 3 seconds, the truck regained power like nothing had happened, for about 10 seconds, then the same exact thing happened again. When I drove home this afternoon, nothing like that happened. Any ideas? I work near a power plant, would some strange electrical current be messing with my computer? Thanks
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Did the engine just Idle or did it quit? if it just idled your Ilde validation switch is sticking on the throttle pedal assembly. They to lube it up some WD-40. if that doesn't work then you might need a new pedal assembly.
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