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You have to think your way thru the problems and begin to eliminate possiable issues. I would go about it like this:

Im not to that familiar with your year model truck. But the 99.5 and up 7.3 need 500 psi of high pressure oil when cranking to enable the FICM to fire the injectors. Install a 4000 psi hydraulic gauge into on of the dummy plugs in the heads high pressure ports. The port is a #4 oring Boss thread. That will tell you what the HPOP is doing. If you have the 500 psi then the HPOP is getting signal from the IPR and suppling the oil the injectors to start. A buzz test should show if the injectors are getting signal from the FICM.

Next would be to check to see if you have fuel pressure. I think your model has a mechanical fuel pump that some delete in favor of an electric pump. You could disconnect the return line coming off the filter bowl and place a clear hose on over fuel bowl fitting and see if what flow you have. You may be able to hose clamp a hose on the fitting with a pressure gauge. 25 psi should be more that enough pressure. I run 60 psi with a fuel bowl delete kit in my late model 7.3.

There was an issue some time around your year model with the low pressure oil pump pickup tube cracking and allowing the oil pump to suck air and not get it's prime. The low pressure oil pump supplies oil by a tube to the HPOP reservoir. Oil in reservoir should be 1'' below the the inspection plug on top.) Not to mention lube the entire engine. The check for this was to raise the truck in the rear by a couple of feet to allow the engine oil level to pool in the front half of the oil pan and cover the crack. Truck would start.
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