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Running on either doesn't mean a thing since diesels fire on compression and don't use a spark. Also as was mentioned don't use either unless you want to perhaps replace the engine. You have a glow plug system and if a plug is hot and you shoot some either into the cylinder you can bend a rod.

Also these engines need high pressure oil just as much as fuel, so without knowing how the high pressure oil system is everyone is just guessing. Pull the plug on top of the high pressure oil pump on the top front of the engine and see how much oil in in it. It needs to be within a 1/2 inch or so of the top. If it is low fill it with the same motor oil that you put into the engine.

What type of scan tool are you using? Can it read live data as you are turning the engine over? If not you need one that will. Have you checked the fuel pressure on the filter housing? It should be 20 psi+ when cranking and 50+ when the engine is running.
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