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cruise wiring

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I have a 00 6spd and my clutch pedal position switch is broken so my cruise doesnt work. I like being able to start the truck w/o having to get in and push the clutch, but i want my cruise back. Is there a way to put a jumper wire or somthing to get my cruise back w/o getting a new switch? If there is which wires do you connect/jump?
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In all the years i have had my truck i have never started it in gear. That is just something i do not worry about. I am the only one who drives my truck, so if someone else were driving it they would have stolen it. My 70 GTO doesnt have a safty switch either and i have been driving it since i was in high school and have never ran over anyone. So, does anyone know which of the two wires control the cruise and which control the clutch saftey switch?
Thanks, and i have never failed tech at the drag strip although i do it for fun not professionally
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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